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Your Partner for Success - Advantage Kentucky Alliance (AKA) works with you to improve productivity, quality, and profitability that is necessary to develop growth for future sustainability.


What is the missing puzzle piece that is stopping you from reaching your goals?

AKA Completes Puzzle



AKA helps you identify the missing piece by working with you to implement change and allowing you to reach your full growth potential.

"Manufacturers need a 2-prong approach for a profitable future: creating efficient processes and identifying ways to grow. Our certified resources will help you increase cash flow and develop a sustainable future. I guarantee it!"
Scott Broughton,
AKA Director





Regardless of your need, AKA and the Alliance has the solution: creating efficient process improvements, employee training, and identifying then implementing growth opportunities. Contact us today to learn how AKA can identify your missing "puzzle piece".

AKA Business Growth Services


Business Growth Services


AKA Continuous Improvement Services
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