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On the Threshold: Refocusing U.S. Export Assistance Strategy for Manufacturers

This report offers observations and recommendations on how to increase small and mid-size manufacturers (SMMs) SMMs’ contribution to manufacturing exports; and answers questions related to: the importance of exporting to SMMs with the greatest export growth potential, types of assistance exporters need, the importance of innovation and supply chain for growing exports, and export assistance in a a limited funding environment. The report is in support of a major joint research efforts undertaken by MEP and the U.S.Commercial Service. Click here to read.

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Manufacturing CEOs to Trump: It's Not Jobs We Need … It's Skills

White House officials said Trump heard the CEOs' concerns about a shortage of qualified workers and said he supports efforts to increase training for factory jobs. But they didn't provide details.

Ford Tests Large-Scale 3D Printing

Ford Motor Company is exploring how large-scale one-piece auto parts, like spoilers, could be printed for prototyping and future production vehicles, as the first automaker to pilot the Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer.

Are Your Work Teams Fully Effective?

Although teamwork sounds simple, and some people may have some inherent teamwork and team leadership abilities, there are many factors that can complicate effective teamwork. Although this may sound like bad news, the good news is that your team’s troub

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