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Bingocize Testimonials

Testimonials and Articles

Zachary Duvall and Janie OllerJanie Oller with Zachary Duvall said that the first day she came to bingocise she used her walker and it took her 15 minutes with 4 rest stops to get from her apartment to Adams Village. The day this photo was taken she walked without the help of her walker and got there in 5 minutes without any rest stops. Although she does carry her cane she states that she only brings it "just in case" and says she doesn't have to use her walker anymore.


Daphne from Roosevelt House - “Bingocize has been a real benefit to our residents. They feel better and it gives them a reason to come out of their apartments. I couldn’t be more pleased.”


Article from the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

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