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National Dance Education Organization

WKU Student Chapter

NHSDA Events

NHSDA Events

The NHSDA WKU Student Chapter thrives on the principles of leadership, service, and scholarship. Through different NHSDA sponsored events, students will have opportunities to exercise and fine-tune these qualities which are necessary for many dance careers.



All-Arts Improvisation Jam

This event was created in order to bring together WKU artists of all kinds. Dancers, painters, writers, musicians, etc. are invited and encouraged to contribute their talents to this event.  Through collaboration with different and new artists, students broaden their artistic horizons and can begin to build a professional network. The All-Arts Improvisation Jam occurs biannually in the Faculty House, located behind Cherry Hall. 



Resumé and Audition Etiquette Workshop

This new event sponsored by NHSDA is an informational session taught by an experienced dance faculty member. Students are taught the proper resumé format and content for students seeking professional careers in dance. Another important aspect of this event concerns the audition process. Whether auditioning for summer intensives, professional companies, cruise ships, or musicals, knowledge of proper etiquette can be the difference between a 'yes' or 'no' from the judges. This event helps students gain essential knowledge for auditions and interviews so that their professionalism will complement their talent.  






Students Jade Primicias and Bernadette Turnage at Improv Jam 2015

Students explore their creativity at the All-Arts Improvisation Jam



resume pic

Theatre and Dance students at the first Resumé and Audition Etiquette Workshop