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National Dance Education Organization

WKU Student Chapter

Point System and Information

NHSDA Point System

In order to be inducted into NHSDA or graduate with honors, students must fulfill all requirements outlined in the NHSDA Collegiate Chapter Sponsor Handbook, i.e. earning a total of 45 or more points according to the National Point System, sustaining a Dance GPA of 3.5 or higher, and receiving an Outstanding Character Reference as determined by the members of the dance program faculty. 

The point rubric is broken into three categories: Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement. Students will keep track of their points on a provided Points Tracking Log. At the end of each semester, logged points are added to the Master Point Spreadsheet and approved by the NHSDA Administrator.

Deadlines for point spreadsheets and all other NHSDA events will be listed on the Event Calendar.