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Sigma Phi Epsilon

Welcome to Sigma Phi Epsilon - Kentucky Delta Chapter


SigEp's mission is Building Balanced Men. With these three words, we capture the essence of SigEp's value to its members: charting a course for men to live their best lives by embracing our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love and committing to the practice of Sound Mind and Sound Body.

Our cardinal principles represent our core values. Virtue is making the most of your time and talents with unfailing integrity. Diligence is the constant act of living your best life with courage and tenacity. Brotherly Love is supporting fellow citizens through true and active friendship. Being a Balanced Man involves having both a Sound Mind and a Sound Body. Having a Sound Mind is more than just academics, it's creativity, critical thought, and knowledge. Sound Body is more than just athletics, it's total wellness.

A SigEp undergraduate understands the importance of being a good student and a good citizen, living a healthy lifestyle and serving as a leader on campus.

A SigEp is the Leader on campus and in the community.

A SigEp is the Scholar who is first in his field.

A SigEp is the Athlete on the field.

A SigEp is the Gentleman holding the door.

A SigEp is the Balanced Man.


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