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Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a group of men who believe and live by the same set of values, and foster a close friendship through those values. These values are the that keep current chapter members, alumni, and other members across the country together. Fraternity men hold fast to and implement these values in every aspect of their lives. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon adheres to the principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

Why does Sigma Phi Epsilon pride itself on being different than other fraternities?

Our philosophies have allowed SigEp to change the connotation of the word 'fraternity'. SigEp's do not tolerate being referred to as "frat boys" or living in an "animal house". We are a fraternity of firsts, including being the first fraternity to charter a chapter in all 50 states, the first national fraternity to not discriminate recruits because of their race, the first to partner with the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, and many more. Sigma Phi Epsilon strives to uphold the idea that a fraternity is not just a social organization, but rather an organization that assists and nurtures men into living the best life possible.

My son is considering joining Sigma Phi Epsilon, what can I expect?

When a young man joins a SigEp chapter, he will immediately notice that he has joined a unique organization. By joining a Balanced Man Program (BMP) chapter, he instantly becomes a member. The Balanced Man Program completely eliminates the traditional model system of joining a fraternity, and instead allows men to constantly develop themselves throughout their college experience, and beyond. A SigEp parent should expect their son to be involved not only in his chapter, but also on his campus, and in the community. He will be constantly be encouraged to take up leadership roles that offer themselves to him, and ultimately embrace the life of a balanced man.

What is SigEp's stand on hazing?

Sigma Phi Epsilon's stance on hazing is clear and unwavering. Hazing is illegal; It has no place in the fraternity. We hold ourselves to the highest values, so breaking any laws, whether federal, state, or local, will not be tolerated. SigEp believes that the words "hazing" and "fraternity" are not interchangeable, and for years has been breaking the stereotype that fraternities haze.

What is the balanced man program?

The Balanced Man Program is a system of personal development that helps members grow as leaders, scholars, athletes, and gentlemen. It consists of four different challenges - Sigma, Phi, Epsilon, and Brother Mentor - that requires members to fulfill certain requirements in order to proceed on to the next challenge. The challenges are designed to introduce brothers to fraternity life, promote them to be active in the community, and most importantly, build strong and everlasting bonds between each other.

What about academics?

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a national leader in academics. Academic performance and scholastic achievement are signs of Sound Minds at work. Reinforcing the value of education and its importance, Sigma Phi Epsilon exists to advance the mission of the college or university where it has a chapter. SigEp has the highest GPA out of all the national fraternities and our chapter is consistently above the University and Greek average. SigEps have a strong commitment to academics and odds are your son will make better grades as a member of SigEp.

Can fraternities help me even after I graduate?

Yes! Fraternity members achieve success. College graduates who belong to a fraternity or sorority tend to be more successful financially than other college graduates. 80% of the CEO of Fortune 500 companies were in fraternal organizations, as were all but two of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents for the last 100 years. Many companies give the hiring edge to Greeks, because they realize a fraternity member is much better trained and equipped to be a success in the business world than is the smartest of graduates who did not have the benefit of a fraternity or sorority.

What is the leadership continuum?

Sigma Phi Epsilon's Leadership Continuum is a balance of self-development and team leadership skills training composed in four programs: EDGE, the Carlson Leadership Academy, the Ruck Leadership Institute, and Traigos Quest to Greece. Through self-discovery, analysis, and interaction, members develop skills necessary to lead balanced lives and to continue leading the fraternity world.