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"You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"...Creating Passion That Leads to Growth Success

“Passion Image

If I was to name the most important attribute to having a successful business, it would be “passion”. Passion is what convinced you or your ancestor to open your doors in the first place. Passion is what gets us up in the morning and what forces us to continue on when all appearances tell us to stop. Passion enables us to continue to work as we drive home and permeates our personal family life. It creates anger within us when others do not share our passion and forces us to try to enlighten and educate people … then sit and stare shaking our head when they don’t appear very “enlightened” nor “educated”. Without passion, not only does work become boring but more importantly, business growth becomes a long trudge up the mountain. Passion allows us to jump over the various hurdles and find alternative routes to get to the top. Without passion, business growth is not only difficult but nearly impossible because we simply will not go that extra step to jump one more hurdle. If you want business growth, first invest time to re-captivate that passion within you, your senior and middle management teams and most importantly, your workers.

Creating Passion in Management

Rekindling that passion in management is as easy as getting them more SMARTLY involved.  Everyone wants to feel they are making a difference and management is no different. In today’s economy, there are a limited amount of resources available for growth potential. Working on projects that will have a limited impact on the bottom line is wasting resources and is the main culprit for passion degeneration. Start off by re-evaluating what your team is working on and how much time is being spent on each project. In my experience, companies that are most successful allow structured update meetings giving status reports weekly opposed to daily. This frees up time and allows for management to work SMARTER not HARDER. By cultivating the passion within management for individual projects, projects that go forward will gain momentum and have the necessary driving force from top management to see that resources are allocated to allow for success.

Creating Empowerment in the Workforce

“Empowerment Image

Passion creates leadership in management and empowerment in all others. When most people think about leadership, they automatically think about management neglecting 99% of their workforce. Another word for Leadership is Empowerment. Empowerment allows individuals to make decisions based upon what needs to be done NOW. Project leaders and their team need to be empowered to work on the project and make decisions “for the good of the project”. By allowing project leaders to decide what is right and justifiably necessary, it frees up time for top management to do what they need to do to keep the business profitable. Weekly update meetings allow workers to “get-r-done” but also allows for weekly reviews to ensure resources are being utilized within management’s views. By allowing the workforce to make decisions, it empowers them to truly believe they are part of the success of the project and in fact, they are. Projects switch to overdrive as project leaders and their team’s passion begin to grow. The stronger the passion, the quicker and cheaper projects go through the Define, Discover, Develop, and Deliver phases of Product Development.

Passion cannot be assigned. Passion typically grows when all parties jointly make decisions allowing for “complete buy in” from all parties involved. The byproduct of passion is good strong leadership and an empowered workforce that WILLS success and doesn’t allow a few small failures to stop the momentum of projects.  More importantly, passion is contagious. i.e. the more people passion infiltrates, the more momentum is captured.  The more momentum of passion within a company, the less negative thoughts within that company. Less negative thoughts within the company, will allow for more success in creating a culture of sustainable change. 

Scott Broughton has been certified in many growth programs and has helped hundreds of companies with their growth aspirations during his many years in manufacturing.  Scott is the Center Director for Advantage Kentucky Alliance.  Prior to working with Advantage Kentucky Alliance, Scott had a long history as an award winning industrial designer.  His work can be found in vehicles including the Ford F150, Focus, Lincoln Blackwood as well as Pontiac and GM vehicles.   He’s also created over 3 dozen environmental, safety and lighting products. Scott is a graduate of Wayne State University with a wide range of certifications and industrial design awards and currently resides in Georgetown Kentucky. For more information about Advantage Kentucky Alliance and its Growth Management Systems (GMS), or for information on AKA’s Continuous Improvement and Leadership Development programs, Contact Kurt Felten, AKA Marketing Specialist at (606) 620-1176 or, or visit our website at   

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