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  The NIST Manufacturing Extension Program for Kentucky

Continuous Improvement Services

Client Needs - Continuous Improvement


Over one-third of AKA's clients discuss Continuous Improvement Services. We can help you improve cost, quality, and delivery by eliminating waste in the office and shop processes through Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping, Quick Changeover, Kanban System, Lean Product Development, ISO Certification, and more.


If you are having one or more of the following problems, Continuous Improvement Services is right for you! Select your problem to learn more about how we can help.

We have several steps and several different departments that the product must go through before it is ready. Is this the most efficient way to do this?
Where can we eliminate non-value added activity?
We have procedures for each position, but somehow the job is not completed correctly and departments are not communicating effectively.
We need to change a particular part of a process.
We need to improve plant layout, material flow, and/or space utilization.
We seem to either have too many materials or we are waiting on materials to proceed.
Our setup times are too high and expensive.
We need the most lean way to introduce our new product.
We need to better quality systems.


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing improves plant floor management to ensure non-value activities are eliminated from day-to-day systems. You will learn how lean philosophy and techniques can be applied to maximize customer value, minimize waste, and reduce costs.

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Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

VSM maps current and future state of business operations by identifying material/activity flow through facilities. This powerful tool allows companies to map the flow of products as raw material through all manufacturing process steps and off the loading dock as finished product. The Current State Map shows where the company is; the Future State Map shows where the company is going and how it can get there. Based on a Value Stream Map, the company can streamline work processes, thereby cutting lead times and reducing operating costs. VSM serves as the basis for developing a roadmap for lean implementation.

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5S identifies and eliminates the 5 forms of "waste" on a plant floor. You will gain an understanding of the 5S System and how it can be implemented to enhance communication and productivity.

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Kaizen Days

Kaizen Days implement Continuous Improvement. It incorporates team empowerment, brainstorming, and problem solving to rapidly make improvements to a specific product or portions of your processes. Individuals and work groups will generate improvement ideas, test solutions, and implement changes on one line or portion of the manufacturing process. The results of the Kaizen are real-time implementations. Examples include but are not limited to plant layout, material flow, and space utilization.

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Kanban System

Learn how to design and implement pull systems by using kanbans – simple-to-operate visual controls or signals that communicate the types and quantities of resources needed by a proceeding process. The use of a pull system and kanbans allows companies to streamline routine material transactions and automatically reorder resources using minimum/maximum inventory levels.

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Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology

Learn the Six Sigma methodology which attacks sources of process variation that impact profits as well as Customer satisfaction.  Variation up and down within a process suggests that the process is not in proper control and leads to inefficiency. Take advantage Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training programs offered by AKA.

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Quick Changeover

Quick changeover through the Single Minute Exchange of Dies system (SMED) forms the basis of setup reduction. Learn to design no/low-cost solutions that reduce changeover time. You will have firsthand knowledge of how applying SMED principles can increase machine capacity while reducing costs and setup times. 

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Lean Product Development (LPD) and TPM

LPD offers tools and methods to improve time to market, maximize return on investment, and reduce the risk inherent in new product introduction. It also provides ways to reduce the waste in, and improve the results of, product development efforts. TPM also offers tools for Total Productive Maintenance.

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ISO training ensures customers' expectations are met through quality checks. AKA provides audits, certification, refresher courses, and all activities to take a Company either through ISO for the first time or to stay within compliance.

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