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Visibility of the support provided to our campus community, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression is incredibily vital to our culture of growth at WKU.

The faculty and staff included in our Allies List have pledged to be advocates to our LGBTQ+ campus community. If you are looking for LGBTQ+-friendly faculty or staff members on campus that you can rely on, start here!

Any Faculty/Staff that identify as an Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community OR are a member of the LGBTQ+ Community are welcome to add their name to the Allies List.

  If you are a faculty or staff member at the Western Kentucky University and would like for YOUR name to be included on the Allies List please complete the form below.  

Add Your Name to the Allies List


College/Department Name E-Mail
Admissions Jessica Basham jessica.basham@wku.edu
Brian Campbell brian.campbell@wku.edu
Kayla Lofton kayla.lofton@wku.edu
Advising & Career Development Center Adrianne Browning adrianne.browning@wku.edu
Ashley Edwards Cook ashley.edwards@wku.edu
Lynn Hazlett lynn.hazlett@wku.edu
Kirsten Kellersberger kirsten.kellersberger@wku.edu
Julie Larrow julie.larrow@wku.edu
Anna Meany anna.meany@wku.edu
Suzanne Moore suzanne.moore@wku.edu
Ashley Smith ashley.smith@wku.edu
Kassy Sweeney kassy.sweeney@wku.edu
Becky Tinker becky.tinker@wku.edu
American Sign Language Studies Ashley Fox ashley.fox@wku.edu
Campus Recreation & Wellness Annmarie Brady annmarie.brady600@topper.wku.edu
Chantal Izaguirre chantal.izaguirre003@topper.wku.edu
Avery Nordgren avery.nordgren238@topper.wku.edu
Chemistry Larry Hill lawrence.hill@wku.edu
College of Health and Human Services Tania Basta tania.basta@wku.edu
Communication Sciences and Disorders Kimberly Green kimberly.green@wku.edu
Counseling Center Peggy Crowe peggy.crowe@wku.edu
Katie Knackmuhs katie.knackmuhs@wku.edu
Karl Laves karl.laves@wku.edu
Elizabeth Madariaga elizabeth.madariaga@wku.edu
Masami Matsuyuki masami.matsuyuki@wku.edu
Downing Student Union David Emerson david.emerson@wku.edu
Earth, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences Jill Brown jill.brown@wku.edu
Margaret Crowder margaret.crowder@wku.edu
Amy Nemon amy.nemon@wku.edu
Fred Siewers fred.siewers@wku.edu
Educational Administration, Leadership, & Research Wren Mills wren.mills@wku.edu
English  Ted Hovet ted.hovet@wku.edu
Angela Jones angela.jones@wku.edu
Enrollment & Student Experience Lynne Holland lynne.holland@wku.edu
Ethan Logan ethan.logan@wku.edu
Scott Taylor scott.taylor@wku.edu
Finance Andrew Head andrew.head@wku.edu
Folk Studies & Anthropology Tim Frandy tim.frandy@wku.edu
Gatton Academy Derick Strode derick.strode@wku.edu
Gordon Ford College of Business Chris Shook christopher.shook@wku.edu
Evelyn Thrasher evelyn.thrasher@wku.edu
History Dorothea Browder dorothea.browder@wku.edu
Selena Doss selena.sanderfer@wku.edu
Marko Dumančić marko.dumancic@wku.edu
Marc Eagle marc.eagle@wku.edu
Audra Jennings audra.jennings@wku.edu
Patti Minter patricia.minter@wku.edu
Eric Reed eric.reed@wku.edu
Andrew Rosa andrew.rosa@wku.edu
David Serafini david.serafini@wku.edu
Alex Olson alexander.olson@wku.edu
Tamara Van Dyken tamara.vandyken@wku.edu
Housing & Residence Life Katie Corbin katie.corbin@wku.edu
Cassidy Counter cassidy.counter@wku.edu
Michele Curran michele.curran@wku.edu
Darrian Dorrough darrian.dorrough@wku.edu
Minnette Ellis minnette.ellis@wku.edu
Sharon Hunter sharon.hunter@wku.edu
Eliza Jackson elizabeth.jackson@wku.edu
Kirsten Lindner kirsten.lindner@wku.edu
Kennedy Mang kennedy.mang@wku.edu
Hayden McFann hayden.mcfann@wku.edu
Kim Rickman kim.rickman@wku.edu
Nicholas Schiller nicholas.schiller@wku.edu
Doug Tate douglas.tate@wku.edu
Erik Thomas erik.thomas@wku.edu
Human Resources Andrea Sherrill andrea.sherrill@wku.edu
Information Systems Thad Crews thad.crewsii@wku.edu
Jim Lindsey jim.lindsey@wku.edu
Kentucky Mesonet Patrick Collins patrick.collins@wku.edu
Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Eric Knackmuhs eric.knackmuhs@wku.edu
Allie McCreary mccreary.allie@gmail.com
Ron Ramsing ron.ramsing@wku.edu
Mahurin Honors College Craig Cobane craig.cobane@wku.edu
Susann Davis susann.davis@wku.edu
Stephanie Hammons stephanie.hammons@wku.edu
Alex Hezik cet.advisor@wku.edu
Laura King laura.king@wku.edu
Zack Ryle zack.ryle@wku.edu
Leah Thompson leah.thompson@wku.edu
Mathematics Dan Clark daniel.clark@wku.edu
Nick Fortune nicholas.fortune@wku.edu
Michelle Jones michelle.jones@wku.edu
Bruce Kessler bruce.kessler@wku.edu
Management Whitney Peake whitney.peake@wku.edu
Marketing Lukas Forbes lukas.forbes@wku.edu
Music Matthew Herman matthew.herman@wku.edu
Office of the Dean of Students Emmeline Essler emmeline.essler@wku.edu
Ogden College of Science and Engineering Wendy DeCroix wendy.decroix@wku.edu
Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement Kasey Burden kathryn.burden@wku.edu
Deanna Jenkins deanna.jenkins1@wku.edu
Anthony McAdoo anthony.mcadoo@wku.edu
Psychological Sciences Katrina Burch katrina.burch@wku.edu
Scholar Development Melinda Grimsley melinda.grimsley@wku.edu
Lindsey Houchin lindsey.houchin@wku.edu
Social Work Georgena Brackett bracga@mchealth.net
Patricia Desrosiers patricia.desrosiers@wku.edu
Simon Funge simon.funge@wku.edu
Student Accessibility Resource Center Hayley Rigsby hayley.rigsby@wku.edu
Student Athlete Success Center Emmalee Richeson emmalee.richeson@wku.edu
Student Conduct Michael Crowe michael.crowe@wku.edu
Theatre & Dance Carol Jordan carol.jordan@wku.edu
Julie Pride julie.pride@wku.edu
Transfer Center Anna Beth Gillon anna.gillon@wku.edu
Jarrett Murphy murphjh@wku.edu
TRIO Programs Mary Ann Bokkon mary.bokkon@wku.edu
David Carner david.carner@wku.edu
Cameron Carr-Calvert cameron.carr-calvert@wku.edu
Judy Scott judy.scott@wku.edu
Niasha Shaw niasha.shaw@wku.edu
University Libraries Susann deVries susann.devries@wku.edu
University Marketing Mary Bidwell mary.bidwell@wku.edu
WKU Store Alan Fortenberry alan.fortenberry@wku.edu
Jordan Herron jordan.herron@wku.edu




All individuals who have added their name to this list have been provided with a base-level of information to assist them in serving as LGBTQ+ Allies. To see this informational document, please see the link below.

Allies List Resource Document

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 Last Modified 1/11/21