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Changes to an orgs site are now easier to manage using the _preferences.pcf file. Rather than editing code or going to multiple places, all of your orgs site options are in one place. This file uses MultiEdit, a feature which allows you to make changes using a web form. After checking out your _preferences.pcf an orange MultiEdit button will appear above the page, clicking it will take you to the edit form. When previewing this file remember it is just a preview of the options selected, it will not be visible after publishing.


Site Name

The site name is used for accessibility only, it will never appear visually. It is used in the header and footer icon links for non-sighted visitors. We recommend using your full site name. Ackronyms can be mispronounced and undefined to a user with a screen reader.



Favicon is short for Favorite Icon, and is sometimes called a shortcut icon or tab icon. It is a small icon to represent your site that typically appears next to the website name or address in your browser. For best results use a 32x32 .png file with a transparent background. Bold graphic logos and images with less detail work best at the very small size.

Image Description

A short description of the image or icon uploaded for Favicon.


Theme Color

This changes the primary color of your entire site. The site header bar, page title, buttons, links, items generated by snippets and more will all change to the color you select or default to gray.

Click a color to view that theme on this site.


Header Layout

Control the layout for your Header Text and Header Logo. You can choose to have an image, text, or both and control their placement between left, right, and center.

Select an option to view that header layout on this site.


Header Text

The primary text that appears in the main header bar. This will typically be used for the name of your site.

Secondary Header Text

The secondary italicized text that appears in the main header bar below the Header Text. Use this area as an extension of your site name.


Header Logo

The image that appears in the main header bar. For best results use a solid .png with a transparent background. White icons and graphics work best against the theme colors.

Image Description

A short description of the image or icon uploaded for the Header Logo.


Footer Content

The text that appears in the main dark footer at the very bottom of your site and fills the area to the left of the social media icons. This area uses a WYSIWYG editor so you can format the text however you like.


Footer Social Links

The footer includes some popular social media icon links, all that is needed is a link. These will appear to the right in the footer as an icon in rows of four. You can also use the social media snippet to create other icon links in the main editable areas of your site.

  • WKU (Cupola Icon)
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumbler
  • Vimeo
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • RSS
  • Flickr


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 Last Modified 10/4/21