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 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lukun Zheng

Dr. Lukun Zheng


Office: COHH 4107
1906 College Heights Boulevard






Ibrahim Khalilullah


President: Ibrahim Khalilullah 

I am a Graduate student of Mathematics department at WKU. I am pursuing my master’s in computational mathematics. My research area is mainly in Control Theory in broad perspective. I like to play outdoor sports or watch movies during my free time.


Asa Ashley

Vice President: Asa Ashley

I am a Junior at Gatton. While my main interest is Analysis and Mathematical Modeling, I am also interested in the connection between continuous and discrete systems, specifically in physics. In my free time I like lifting weights and playing the violin.


Uthman Rasaq Adeniran

Secretary: Uthman Rasaq Adeniran

I am honored to serve as the Secretary of SIAM WKU Chapter, the esteemed mathematics organization in America. My heart belongs to the world of applied mathematics, with a particular passion for control theory. By day, I explore the intricate realms of mathematical applications, seeking innovative solutions. In my free time, I'm out on the soccer field, where teamwork and strategy ignite my spirit. I look forward to uniting my love for math and soccer to further SIAM's mission and strengthen our mathematical community.

Anika Tashin

Treasurer: Anika Tashin

I am a Mathematics (Computational) Graduate student at WKU. Previously I worked in Accounting Department of an Industry. As a Math Graduate student with a background in Accounting, I hope to bring a unique blend of analytical prowess and financial acumen to this( treasurer) position. In my spare time, I like traveling and capturing the beauty of each moment. Beyond my academic pursuits and travels, I cherish the invaluable moments spent with friends and family, cultivating relationships that enrich my life with laughter, love, and shared experiences.


Zoe Brown


 Webmaster: Zoe Brown

I am a math major at WKU. I previously attended Somerset Community College, where I earned an AAS in Computer Information Technology. My hobbies include playing piano and knitting.


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