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 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lukun Zheng

Dr. Lukun Zheng


Office: COHH 4107
1906 College Heights Boulevard






Jacob Walterman


President: Jacob Walterman 

Foremost, I am excited to work alongside everyone as President to make SIAM the best it can be! I am a WKU junior, and a Mathematics and Computer Science double major. As you can see from my choices of study, applied mathematics is a dear interest of mine and I cannot wait to introduce more to it! Outside of studying, I like to read: some of my favorite books are Brave New World and Beyond Good and Evil.


Nikhil Kumar

Vice President:   Nikhil Kumar

I am a Junior at the Gatton Academy Student and duPont Manual. Despite pursuing the medical field, I heavily enjoy the study and teaching of advanced mathematics. I am currently undertaking two physics research projects, each concerning advanced topics like Quantum Mechanics, Shrodinger’s Equation, and Real Wave Function Quantum Dynamics. Outside of academics, I love writing calligraphy, practicing photography, and hiking nature trails.


Zulfiqar Haidar

Treasurer: Zulfiqar Haidar (Graduate)

I'm a Mathematics Graduate Student at WKU and a former Banker and Treasury Analyst. Dealing with numbers and finding the hidden patterns behind them using mathematics fascinates me a lot, and that's one of my key strengths in serving as a Treasurer. Apart from playing with numbers and hiding behind my computer, I love to spend my idle time doing photography, traveling, and watching movies. 


Rafi Emran


 Webmaster: Md Rafi As Sadeq Ibn Emran  (Graduate)

I am the webmaster of SIAM. I am an M.Sc. student in mathematics with control theory as my research area. I plan to get my Ph.D. and pursue a career as a researcher. In my free time I love plaing video games, traveling and hanging out with my friends.


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