WKU Chemistry Club
An ACS Student Chapter


Officer Roles

These roles come from the ACS website and the clubs bylaws.



The position of chapter president involves strong leadership and administrative skills. The chapter president acts as the primary coordinator for all chapter activities, and is expected to:

  • Prepare and distribute the agenda for each meeting
  • Preside at all meetings and chapter functions
  • Conduct regular meetings with the officers and the advisor
  • Coordinate the membership recruitment campaign
  • Plan the chapter's calendar for the year
  • Monitor the progress of activities
  • Encourage member participation and cooperation
  • Represent the chapter at special university or community events
  • Coordinate officer nominations


Vice President

The vice president acts as president when the president is not available for chapter activities.Chapter vice presidents are expected to:

  • Assist the president as needed for meetings and events
  • Coordinate publicity
  • Prepare and post meeting flyers
  • Maintain the special events portion of the BlackBoard site and website



Chapter secretaries are responsible for the administrative aspects of chapter management. Their duties include the following:

  • Record minutes of all meetings
  • Compile the membership roster
  • Document club activities
  • Handle chapter correspondence



The treasurer should prepare a tentative budget at the beginning of the chapter year or at the end of the prior year. The tresurer must:

  • Consult with faculty advisor about all financial records and bank accounts
  • Maintain Chapter inventory for fundraising (T-shirts, ACS study guide and molecular model kits)
  • Reconcile sales with income and inventory
  • Purchase refreshments for regular meetings.






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