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T/TAS Staff Directory and Bios - Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez, MA

Luis Hernandez, MA

Early Childhood Education Specialist



Luis A. Hernandez, T/TAS Early Childhood Education Specialist, holds an M.A. in Bilingual/Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco. Luis brings solid expertise to his position based on his work history in Head Start, child care, Pre-K programs, college and universities, child care resource and referral administration, and professional development design.

Luis’ work focuses on a wide range of early childhood education and professional development topics. His expertise includes early literacy, dual language learning, adult learning practices, changing demographics and diversity, and ECE management and partnership topics. As a regular presenter and keynote speaker at international, national, state, and local conferences, Luis is highly regarded for his motivational and energizing presentations.

Mr. Hernandez is active in a number of organizations that support children and family interests. At the National Association for the Education for Young Children (NAEYC), he is active in the development of professional and leadership opportunities. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the McCormick Tribune Center for Early Childhood Leadership and the United Way's Center for Excellence in Early Childhood. He has served on the Boards of the Florida Children’s Forum, the Child Care Workforce, the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), the Parent Services Project in California, and the widely recognized Parents As Teachers organization. For Luis, inspirational professional development of individuals in early childhood education settings provides the foundation in children's positive and joyful development and learning.

Areas of Specialty and Expertise

Keynotes. For large audiences on topics tailored to agency requests. These may include areas of inspiration, motivation, and team dynamics.

Management Retreats. Designed for work teams to refresh, refocus, and renew.

New America. Presentations on changing community demographics, dual language learners, and family outreach.

Meaningful Family Engagement. Seminars in building authentic relationships with families, individually and collectively.

Effective and Proactive ECE Teaching Practices. Targeted seminars that are embedded in current research, best practices, and practical classroom implementation.

Power of Individuals and Teams. Seminars that focus on the nature and styles of adult learners, management strategies, confidence building, and joyful work environments.

Your Identified Needs. Seminars and workshops can be designed to meet specific staff and organizational needs; content and presentation dynamics can be delivered to a variety of audiences in early childhood education (Head Start, Pre-K, child care, and family home care providers); sessions can also be conducted in Spanish; presentations and seminars can be scheduled for short time segments, half days, full day events, or two day seminars (including Saturdays) at your site or nearby locations.

Requested Presentation Titles

  • We Are Family! Parents & Families are Key for Program Sucess
  • The Meaningfulness in Family Engagement: The Why, What, How in Effective Practices
  • Mama with Her Pajamas! Checking Attitudes at the Door
  • Young Learners in America: New Language, Culture, Friends
  • Land of Opportunity: First Steps in Effective Relationships with Immigrant Families
  • The Leader Within: Five Ways to Rediscover the Potential in Me
  • Fake It 'til You Become It! Creating a Presence of Professional Confidence
  • The Power of D.A.P. - Making Best Practices the Core of Development and Learning
  • The Learning Adult: Facilitation Skills for Working Teams
  • Strength in Respect: The Power of DAP Core Considerations
  • Risky Business! Fearlessness is the Engine of Intentionality
  • The Power Within: Steps in Becoming an ECE Superhero

Plus many more!