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Annual Program Reports

T/TAS helps your local program create procedures that ensure the completion of the required annual report to the community. 

Section 644, Subparagraph (a)(2) of The Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act requires that "Each Head Start agency shall make available to the public a report published at least once in each fiscal year."  Among the information to be included are:

  • The total amount of public and private funds received and the amount from each source.
  • An explanation of expenditures and the proposed budget for the fiscal year.
  • The total number of children and families served, the average monthly enrollment, and the percentage of eligible children served.
  • The results of the most recent review by the Secretary and the financial audit.
  • The percentage of enrolled children that received medical and dental exams.Information about parent involvement activities.Information about the agency's efforts to prepare children for kindergarten.Any other information required by the Secretary.

How Can T/TAS Help . . .

T/TAS works with you to make sure your annual report thoroughly illustrates the impact that your program has on the lives of children, families, and the community.T/TAS ensures that your annual report meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of the statutes and generates positive press about the services being provided for the community.  T/TAS backs up the content of your annual report with supportive figures and statistics. T/TAS involves Head Start staff, Policy Council representatives, and Governing Body members, and grantee agency staff in the process of organizational outreach and community awareness.

The result is concise, enlightening information in a context that is designed to be understood by people outside the Head Start and Early Head Start community. 

Contact T/TAS to discuss how T/TAS can assist you in planning, creating, and disseminating your program's annual report to the community.

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 Last Modified 7/30/19