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T/TAS has published a number of informative and useful products to support both your program and your work with Head Start and Early Head Start children and families. T/TAS high-quality, informative, and useful products and resources support and extend learning beyond the classroom, workshop, or conference setting. Over the years, our experts have continued to develop and refine a variety of innovative materials that are responsive to customer needs and changing regulations and policies.


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 Family Partnership Servies Workbook

Family Partnership Services Workbook for Head Start & Early Head Start Programs: You're Covered
is an excellent tool for use at family service staff training and pre-service events led by experienced Family Service Managers. The workbook is filled with open-ended exercises that emphasize the process of working with families; the Family Partnership Agreement process is the open-ended, interactive, on-going, and evolving "journey" that staff take with families. (90 pages, 2nd Edition, 2018). Item No. FCP-005 $59.95

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Finding the Keys to ERSEA book

Finding the Keys to ERSEA
is designed to unlock the mysteries of Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) and open doors that can lead to better practices grounded in regulations. One of the difficulties in the areas of ERSEA is that there are many regulations that govern our approach to the topic. This book brings all the relevant regulations together for you in one convenient tool that also provides insights on managing your program. (56 pages. 3rd edition, 2017) Item No. FCP-010 $59.95

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 My Achievables! booklet

My Achievables!
is a tool for family service/home-based staff designed to work with individual parents and families one goal at a time. It is also an educational tool to help the parent understand that the majority of their goals fit into a family outcome category. Parents should OWN this tool and write it themselves. Enjoy both the family’s and your own achievements as you journey toward successful outcomes! (24 pages, 2018)

My Achievables! is sold in sets of ten, full-color, 5.5” x 8.5” booklets with Staff Instructions. Discounts for purchase of five or more sets.

-   FCP-016 - 1-4 sets, $70 per set

-   FCP-016-02 - 5-9 sets, $60 per set

-   FCP-016-03 - 10 or more sets, $50 per set

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MRI book cover

MRI: Management Review Instrument for Head Start & Early Head Start Program Evaluation/Self-Assessment

This instrument is designed to assist Boards, Policy Councils, parents, and staff in collecting information and making determinations vis-a-vie the five program domains: the need for the program, the design of the program, program implementation and service delivery, program impact or outcomes, and program efficiency. The MRI is not designed to be a comprehensive tool (The T/TAS Self-Assessment CATscan Tool fulfills that niche), rather, the MRI places a heavy emphasis on utilizing existing monitoring tools and external evaluations to determine if the program is meeting and reporting its progress on meeting goals while evaluating how well the program is positively impacting its local community. The major difference between the MRI and the CATscan is that the MRI is not designed to be comprehensive, and as such, allows for easier modification during non-traditional instruction and outreach periods such as COVID-19.

Format is a PDF fillable form, and also includes separate component breakout sections as PDFs, and a Self-Assessment Report Template in MSWord. (87 pages, 1st Edition, 2019). Item No. MG015 e-book $200  

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Self-Assessment CATscan Tool book

Self-Assessment CATscan Tool 
is designed to help programs with the process for building and implementing a compliant self-assessment. The CATscan provides an interview-style guide for conducting your program's Self-Assessment, and addresses the Head Start regulations organized by component areas. Additionally, an introduction to the self-assessment process and tips for structuring and conducting your Self-Assessment are included. (6th Edition, 2018) Item No. - MGT-013 e-book - $125 

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 The Great Disconnect book cover

The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education 
is a ground-breaking book that argues that early learning standards and school readiness goals have failed to produce any long term benefits while making the daily lives of children and teachers more stressful and tedious. What we need instead are classrooms that are more human, responsive, and joyful. We need to provide experiences that make every child feel that they are loved and that they belong. And during this very brief window of opportunity we call early childhood, we need to build the communication and critical thinking skills that last a lifetime. Recipient of the National Independent Publisher’s 2017 Silver Medal for Education – Theory and Commentary (148 pages, 1st Edition, 2015). Item No. NTA-007 $31.95 ea

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 Responsible Father Engagement book cover

Responsible Father Engagement 
promotes the positive engagement and interactions of fathers with their children and increases the father's ability to meet the social, emotional, financial, medical, and educational needs of their children. This book gives you the tools to enhance Father Engagement and explains where it fits in with the Parent Committee and Governance. (48 pages, 4th Edition, 2018). Item No. FCP-015 $49.95 ea

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 Parent and Family Engagement book cover

Parent and Family Engagement 
explores the building blocks of family support and the principles of reframing them. Discover how to develop a greater understanding of the importance of relationships between parents and staff and practice walking in the shoes of a parent and/or family service staff member. (27 pages, 2nd Edition, 2018). Item No. PFE-001 $49.95 ea

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