Training & Technical Assistance Services

Onsite Training

T/TAS is your best source for individualized professional development opportunities.  We recognize that "one size does not fit all" and, unlike many of our competitors, we design affordable and responsive training to meet your unique needs.

The knowledgeable experts of T/TAS deliver high-quality on-site training and materials in your local program setting that can be customized to meet your specific TTA Plan, Professional Development needs, and requirements for early childhood and/or state licensing training hours. T/TAS can also work with you on any Head Start related area to meet your self-assessment, community assessment or strategic plan goals and objectives.

Pre-Service and In-Service Training

View the T/TAS' Pre-Service and In-Service Training Topics List.

T/TAS training is comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective and focuses on topics of ongoing interest, recent innovations and initiatives, and current best practices in all content areas. Our diverse team of specialists have expertise, academic credentials, and real-world experience unmatched by our competitors or the Federal T/TA network.

Cluster Training

Groups of programs can further defray the cost of comprehensive training by joining forces to bring T/TAS professionals to their area. T/TAS delivers Cluster training on whatever issues and challenges the programs share. 

Associations and Professional Groups

T/TAS provides specialized services for Head Start Associations or professional groups, including workshops for small groups, professional development activities for large groups, briefings on national, regional, or state initiatives, and Keynote Speakers.

T/TAS helps plan and manage your association meetings or training by selecting and securing appropriate sites and handling registration and event logistics. T/TAS can facilitate the award of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for your association or professional event through Western Kentucky University. 

More information can be found at the T/TAS Events and Meeting Planning Services Page.


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 Last Modified 9/30/21