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Joining a T/TAS listserv plugs you directly into a national network of peers in your specialty area(s). You can share ideas, explore current issues, publicize your program's initiatives, and correspond with people who share your concerns. Because many local staff wear many hats, you are free join as many of the listservs as you wish.

Click HERE to read an FAQ on how the T/TAS' listservs work.

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Just click on the link to the T/TAS listserv you are interested in joining and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

Early Childhood Education Head Start Directors
Early Head Start Head Start Managers
Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership Head Start Mental Health
Family and Community Partnership Health and Nutrition
Head Start Fiscal Management Home-Based


IMPORTANT - READ THESE GUIDELINES BEFORE JOINING: The listservs are forums for discussion by Head Start and EHS grantees and delegates. T/TAS designed, created and maintains the listservs as a free and open discussion venue for grantees and delegate agencies and child care partners only. The listservs are not intended for participation by federal funding sources, T/TA providers and/or vendors. No members are allowed to collect documents/data or monitor activities. No commercial messages or data gathering posts are allowed. T/TAS reserves the right to unsubscribe any individual falling under the aforementioned description. T/TAS does not guarantee the accuracy of the information/items posted on the listservs by its members, nor do the items posted represent the views of T/TAS. We urge listserv members to evaluate carefully and proceed cautiously when developing or changing program policy, plans, and/or procedures based solely on information exchanged by listserv members.

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