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Strategic Planning

Head Start and Early Head Start are rapidly changing.  The Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act changed expectations for what we do as Head Start and Early Head Start providers.  The Office of Head Start has also announced several initiatives that immediately impact local Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  From increased funding to conversion of services to program expansion, this is an exciting and challenging time for Head Start.  Is your program ready to embrace the future?

The experts at T/TAS can help ensure your program's future success through a variety of Strategic Planning services.  Strategic Planning is the process of defining your organization's future and plotting a course of action - for the next year, for the next five years, or for the next 20 years.  There are many ways T/TAS can assist you in charting a successful course for the future:

  • To know where you are going, you must know where you stand.  T/TAS conducts situational analyses to help determine the opportunities and threats that exist outside of your organization and the strengths and weaknesses that exist within.
  • T/TAS works with you to identify your short- and long-range goals and objectives. We help you develop the policies, strategies, and tactics necessary to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Our experts assist you in making critical decisions on the allocation of resources to support your goals and objectives, and can also work with you to identify additional resources to support your efforts.
  • Through goal sequencing, we help you create a logical order for completing your goals and objectives.  This ensures that your goals do not conflict with one another and that the objectives of each part of the organization are compatible with those of other departments and the program's overall objectives.
  • Our experts help develop your organization's Mission Statement, which formalizes the fundamental purpose of your program, identifies your customer base, outlines your critical functions and processes, and defines your desired level of performance.
  • We assist in the development of your Vision Statement, which states the source of inspiration for what your organization wants to be, and provides succinct criteria for decision making with a focus on the future.

To learn more about how T/TAS can assist with all your Strategic Planning needs, call T/TAS 1-800-882-7482 or e-mail us at ttas.info@wku.edu. 

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 Last Modified 7/30/19