Training & Technical Assistance Services

T/TAS - Values and Principles

T/TAS Mission Statement

Advancing knowledge within early learning communities.


T/TAS Core Values

Our Core Values address internal and external professional conduct, deeply held traits, behaviors and beliefs.
  • We will vigorously uphold our core values and guiding principles.
  • We will exercise common courtesy, actively listen to and consider the opinions and positions of others, even if those positions and opinions are different from our own.
  • We will internally and externally support each other as professionals, recognizing that none of us alone is as creative, competent, nor effective as all of us together.
  • We will refrain from accepting independent work that would compete or potentially compete with the unit, and if unclear, we will seek the guidance of our leadership.
  • We will express and respond to concerns, criticisms and complaints in a professional manner. This means that we will not demean our colleagues or clients publicly nor in private conversations among ourselves.
  • We will solicit the input and support of colleagues and/or the team before committing their time and talents to an initiative.
  • We will respect the decisions of the group and the authority of our leaders.
  • We consider each of us leaders in our areas of expertise and will rely on that expertise for guidance and direction as appropriate.
  • We are committed to growing leadership from within and will actively develop succession plans for leadership continuity.
  • Ownership
  • We recognize that we are each others' customers. We are responsible for our success, and that it is the role of each of us to contribute to the success of the team.
  • We will act like owners, treating the unit's assets as our own and presenting ourselves at all times using the appropriate brand.
  • We will maintain our sense of identity as a single unit while equally valuing the contributions of each individual team member.
  • By our actions and our words, we will emphasize mutual respect, mutual trust, and shared responsibility, and will embrace errors as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • We have a healthy desire to stay on the cutting edge by seeking out new partnerships, by increasing and sharing our knowledge with our customers and each other, and by providing quality services.
  • We will provide uncompromised high quality services to our customers and use their feedback as part of our team's continuous improvement strategy.


T/TAS Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles express and define individual and team fundamental attitudes in our everyday work.
  • We are professionals and treat others with professional respect.
  • We care about what we do as well as trust and care about each other.
  • We take the initiative to find or request what we need to demonstrate excellence in our work.
  • We operate in and contribute to a safe, supportive environment where we view risks as opportunities while sustaining and celebrating success.
  • We value learning and innovation, and strive to be on the cutting edge in all we do.
  • We value and honor individuals and individuality, believing that differences are our strength.
  • We proactively ensure that we promote diversity of our members and the diverse populations we serve.
  • We align our work with strategic focus in concert with our agreed upon goals and critical success indicators.
  • We will engage with others outside of our unit to obtain a holistic view of our operating environment.

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